Monthly Archives: March 2011

Ready, Get Set, Go!

The idea for this blog was planted one wintry morning in Paris.  I was sitting in a typical Parisian cafe, as one does in the City of Light, having my croissant and expresso and generally dreaming about all the sedap dishes that I miss from Singapore when like a bolt of lightening, it struck me that I ought to write a blog.  What type of blog, you ask.  Well, the memories of the delicious dishes that I’ve tasted throughout my journeys and sojourns lent the idea of a Food Blog – yes, I’d blog about food, glorious food.  Next, what to call this blog?  Now, the name – that’s special.  🙂  Naming something is empowering.  I thought I would dabble with some Malay words used usually to describe something delicious and yummy. Et voilà, those words – bagus and sedap from the Malay language popped up instantly.  So kawan kawan, this is it!  You’ll be subjected to my musings, my digressions, my general thoughts and most of all, my cooking!  I am honoured that you’ve chosen to take this gastronomic journey with me.