Mee Goreng à la Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard

To find herself something to eat.  But when she got there,

the cupboard was…….bare!!!

Kawan Kawan, I have been so busy this week that I forgot to stock up the fridge. I even forgot to write out a list for manny Ted to get groceries.  So last night’s dinner was conjured up using whatever that I had found in the ice box and a packet of dried noodles that I had purchased in the supermarché eons ago.  My mother always has stuff in the house for any and every occassion and this bad habit is something I picked up from her.  So, thank you Mum!

I have been dreaming of mee goreng lately, kawan kawan.  I remember eating this Indian dish at the hawker centres as a child.  Mee Goreng means fried noodles in Malay but in Singapore, it is usually sold at the Indian eatery or Mamak stall. You can eat it as a main course or shared with family and friends.

I have special memories of eating mee goreng at the Satay Club Hawker Centre by the sea front at the Esplanade.   This hawker centre was in the open air and evenings were the best times to go.  As a child, (many  light years ago, I’m afraid, my friends) hawker centres in Singapore were all al fresco.  The Satay Club was where all the Malay satay ‘chefs’ would congregate to sell satay, of course with the odd Indian frying up mee goreng, bee hoon (Vermicelli) Goreng or Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) at his stall.  The satay-man, usually wearing a sarong, would barbecue his skewers of chicken, beef or mutton whilst sitting on a low stool which makes him look like he is squatting in front of his bbq.   I have vivid memories of rows and rows of Malay men barbecuing their satay, fan in hand with clusters of children around him waiting for the their satay to be grilled to finally sink their teeth into them. When the meat was well done, Encik Satay-man would yell out for the bus boy, usually a relative working for him, to serve up the skewers to the table that had ordered them accompanied by a bowl of peanut sauce.  In between sticks of satay, I would have mouthfuls of mee goreng.

Sadly, the Satay Club was demolished in 1995 to make way for a new theatre to be built and the extension of a motorway.  But that is another story.

Last night called for some quick thinking.  It was 10 minutes to 7 and The Italian would be home soon, usually by half past 7, just in time for dinner.  And of course, not to mention, I have two starving children to feed as well.  (This blogging business is just so addictive!!!  I had to tear myself from the computer, tear myself from blogging, kawan kawan in order to cook dinner.  Sigh!  A woman’s job is never done!)  And I had to cook the dinner in 30 minutes.

So with whatever greens I could find, a half packet of frankfurters, this was what I made:

Hubbard inspired Mee Goreng

It’s nothing like the real thing, of course but it was as close to it as I could magic up in 30 minutes with the given ingredients.  Next time, I will use kecap (pronounced kay chap) manis instead of ketchup. Kecap manis is really sweetened soya sauce.  In Paris, the Chinese supermarkets like Tang Freres will stock them or you can purchase a bottle at the Pinoy shop/Filipino store.  Instead of sea salt, I used soya sauce which gives it that umami taste so necessary in Asian cuisine.  If you were to use kecap manis, then only a dash of soya sauce will do.  I also drizzled some sesame oil into my noodles.  This is optional, of course.

Here’s a link I found that has a good recipe for mee goreng: style!


3 responses to “Mee Goreng à la Mother Hubbard

  1. This looks delicious — can I come live in your cupboard? I can’t wait to try something similar from the recipe you posted. Thanks!

  2. Your version of mee goreng looks great! Oh how I miss Satay Club…

  3. Ann, you can come and live in my cupboard anytime 🙂 Fresh green chilis would have given an edge to this home made dish. But alas, that would have been too spicy for my kids.

    Cheryl, I miss the Satay Club too. Apparently there is now a newer version of it next the ‘Durian’ where it was originally. The new Satay Club is to be found in an alleyway by the new shopping mall next to the ‘Durian’. Remember satay bee hoon, well, it can be found there….Ahhh, happy memories! 🙂

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