Oreo Cupcakes

Cupcakes have taken Paris by storm, thanks to the sheer numbers of Les Americaines here.  J’adore les cupcakes, so I am very happy that they have arrived in Paris.  In London on the Portobello Road, The Hummingbird Bakery used to be where I would go and indulge in them.   Additionally, this is where Londoners and tourists alike could get American style cupcakes.  But alas, I couldn’t persuade The Italian to bring the Hummingbird here!

Alors, I was thrilled when my kawan and follow member of the AWAP board (she is Chairwoman)  announced her new business in Cupcake baking.   I was first in line to order some oreo cupcakes pictured here:

Oreo Cupcake

The kids wolfed them down and RN, being only 4 and half was amazed that the oreos she used to eat in London and Singapore appeared atop a cupcake and within it.  Magic, my friends, magic!  and kawan kawan, they were truly sedap! So morish that I couldn’t stop at one, although I know I should’ve…the mind was willing but the flesh, erm mouth was weak.  I asked GWF if she could show me how to bake some, as some of you may know, I DO NOT bake…yet.  I am delighted to be able to share with you her website: www.mysweetgraces.com where you can order her cupcakes and fantasy cakes.

Kawan kawan, The Italian may not have been able to bring me Hummingbird, but Paris has brought me sweetgraces.  Life is good!  🙂


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