Honoured to present the St Honoré

Kawan kawan, it is my pleasure to present to you the St Honoré – a traditional French pastry created by pastry chef Chiboust in 1846 in honour of the patron saint of bakers.  This cake has come to symbolize the high standards in French pastry making.  

CB, my neighbour and a passionate foodie, invited me to try one at her appartement the other day.  She said that it is her husband’s (GM of Shang Paris) favourite dessert.  The man has very high food standards, so who am I to doubt that this St Honoré that you see in the photo above was anything but?  Kawan kawan, I was in pastry heaven.  The caramlized ball of choux pastry filled with Créme Anglaise was simply sublime.  The base of pate brissé, flakey and crispy had the right combination of sucrée and salée – sweet and salty.  The bavarian cream although not good on the hips was  trés sedap on the lips.

I am not usually fond of cakes and pastries.  I like the look of certain well decorated cakes but I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth to desire sinking my teeth into them.  But in Paris, all that changed.  One can’t live in The City of Light and not get into the habit of indulging one’s taste buds in gateâux and pâtisseries.  After all, the French cakes and pastries are more than well decorated, they are so bagus that you just keep coming back for more…..thank goodness everything that  I need to do is within walking distance.  The only way to keep fit and  pounds off the hips is to walk, walk and walk…..towards the next pâtisserie.


2 responses to “Honoured to present the St Honoré

  1. Evs, it was actually le grand chef de Shang who said it was the best Saint-Honorè in town…. and I bought it so my hubby could taste it! Sedap indeed! 🙂 Next time, try their mille feuille and their kouign amman! Equally yummms! 🙂

  2. I will, I will, you’re really not a very good influence kawan… on my hips, I mean…but you only live once…so try away I will…Kouign amman….what a strange name! 🙂

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