I’m on A Seafood Diet

Kawan kawan, if you’ve been following my last post on whether we let a teenager dictate what we had for lunch in Honfleur, the answer is apparent in today’s post. SS wanted to have crêpes for lunch, not being a big seafood fan and I wanted seafood.  We went to survey the crêperie/pub that we had passed by earlier on in our promenade only to discover that it was full – full of English taking the opportunity of the Easter and Royal Wedding weekends, taking 3 days in between the two to make it a 10 or 11 day holiday across the Channel.  How the English love their pubs, aye?  Well, who can blame them since Honfleur is a commune in the Calvados region famous for its Calvados Brandy and also cider. So what can be more delectable for an Englishmen than a savoury French pancake washed down with a pint of cider?  It would have been parfait for me too since I am partial to cider myself.  But, but, the place was full to the brim with at least two other families waiting in line.  I was too impatient to wait and to be honest would much rather have seafood.

So we headed towards the bistro that the Italian had seen earlier near the car park.  No luck there either, mateys!  Finally, after another round of surveying, my little eye spied this:  Le Bistrot du Port la Grenouille.  How I love this name!  How quaint that in English we say frog and in French they say grenouille.  I like it that the second part of le mot has the word for noodle in French.  I just can’t help myself, kawan kawan.

I wanted to treat the Italian, it being his birthday on the 23rd of April, so I said, “Order what you fancy, but mind you, food, not the French waitress!”  And this is what he picked:

Chilled Crab

A crab lover, he tucked in with gusto cleaning every pincer, every leg and digging into the intricate bits of the legs with his crab eating utensils.  It was a joy to watch someone taking their time eating what they truly liked.

I was greedy, kawan kawan and wanted to maximise every centimes and this is what I ordered:

Seafood Platter

For the price of 38€ I had all this to myself.  In Paris, a platter like this would have set me back at least 65€.  I was thrilled to dig in.  Look at the oysters, kawan kawan, I had six of them to myself.  The clams were so fresh and tasted of the sea that I couldn’t stop at one.  Fortunately, for me, there was a generous heap of them tucked under the oysters.  Those langoustines were truly out of this world, moist and soft, the meat melting in my mouth.  I was wonderfully surprised by the crevettes gris sitting in a scallop shell.  They were so small you could eat them whole – head, shells and all.  These little prawns were really tasty.  My friend, CB likes hers de-shelled,  sprinkled over a bed of salad drizzled with mayonnaise.

And best of all, I had one and a half crab to myself.  Yes, all to moi!  Oh, I was in seafood heaven.  It took a while to eat the entire platter, of course, given the amount of shell fish.  But I did share a couple of oysters with the Italian.

RN, who discovered les moules for lunch yesterday, wanted more of the same. Here’s the pot of mussels she had:

Moules Marinieres

She had worked out how to use an empty mussel shell as a pincer to extract the meat from the other shells.  She had fun playing and eating.

The best value for money deal had to be SS’s choice.  She wanted to try the menu St Jacques which consisted of a starter made with scallops, a main course of something concocted with scallops and a choice of dessert from the à la carte menu.  All for the hefty price of 30€.

She chose the Soupe de St Jacque which came beautifully plated, the soup in a jug that you had to pour over an entire scallop.  Look at this:

La Soupe de St Jacque

For her main course, she had a creamy risotto served with 4 scallops of a rather generous proportion:

Risotto St Jacque

This came with a chargrilled endive as an accompaniment.  Remember how I have taught my kids to question any dishes that aren’t accompanied by greens? Well, this SS remembered well and promptly ate her endive before starting on the risotto.  I am so proud of her!  And, wasn’t this dish beautifully presented?

And the dessert to top all desserts had to be the bistro’s version of tiramisu:


It was simply whipped cream with a sprinkling of speculaas crumbs and a caramel base.  It is the simple things in life that bring pure joy!

Regretfully, I don’t have the address for this restaurant.  But I do have the telephone numbers: 02 31 14 11 14 or 02 31 89 04 24.  So anytime that you are down Honfleur way, be sure to check them out – Le Bistro du Port La Grenouille.


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