Doing the Dukan

Disclaimer:  This is not a piece of dietary advice.  I am not promoting the Dukan Diet.  I am not advocating that you follow any diet other than that of eating healthily and wisely.  Everything in moderation.  Even Sexy Women Eat.  

Last night, I had a sudden brainwave.  My friend and fellow blogger CB is on a diet.  She eats, mind you, just very sagely.  She had been told about the Dukan and on returning from a family reunion where she ate, drank and made merriment, she now has to cleanse her body of all the hedonism that she partook of in Canada.  I asked her to show me what the diet is all about and she basically said that she has to consume lean proteins for 5 days, the meat and fish have to be cooked without oil, then she is allowed to add vegetables and fruit after the first 5 days.  She also added that it is important to drink plenty of water cos high proteins and no fibre can lead to lots of sanitary problems if you were me.

The plan is to shed the unwanted weight and then maintain the desired weight. The Dukan Diet has 4 phases: 2 for weight loss and 2 for reintegrating foods and maintaining weight loss.  It is sometimes known as the French spin on the Atkins Diet, so high protein/low carbs.

Well, I just liked the low carbs and less oil bits of the diet, not being on diet myself but always on the look out for ways to eat healthily.  I thought I’d do my own spin on this D-diet.  Well, if Dukan can, so can I, non?  Of course, I’m no nuitritionist and won’t be making any money on this spin-off.  The only rewards I’ll be getting is that my family will be eating healthily and wisely.  So this was what I cooked:

Doing the Dukan

I steamed the chicken breasts which I stuffed with chopped shallots and garlic. Sitting on top of the poulet blanc is a mixture of chopped ginger and green onions/spring onions.  The red dust is something known as Piment d’espelette. Although the name suggests that it is a type of chilli pepper, it is not spicy at all. La famiglia loves it and if the little one eats it without complaint, then it is certifiably not spicy.

The chicken breasts sit like twin islands in a sea of black salty water.  The water being my usual soya sauce/Chinese cooking wine and Sesame oil mixture, the same one I used for the steamed ginger cod accept except that in the fish dish, I added half a spoon of sugar to 3 tbspoons of soya sauce and 1tbspoon of Shoashing wine.  Only this time, for the chicken breasts, I left out the sesame oil in line with the Dukan way of cooking (first phase).

I half boiled 2 eggs that you see sitting daintily atop the asparagus like poached eggs.  The eggs were cooked in their shells the way you would hard boiled eggs accept except that I put the eggs in cold tap water and started timing it 6 minutes from the time the pan sat on the fire, hob in my case.  So that means that the water hasn’t started to boil yet.  Or you can just poach the eggs, like normal people.  It’s just less troublesome, of course as you’d have the eggs poached and not pretend poached like mine.  I do like to inflict hardship on myself, kawan kawan.  I am known for that since the tail bit of my astrological animal sign destines me to do so.  The way that I’ve cooked my egg – the pretend poached way- just meant that I had to be ever so careful when removing the shells otherwise the outcome would be dis-egg-strous!

I love asparagus, you’ll know that if you’ve read my post on Honfleur.  I like the white ones better but the Italian prefers them less anaemic –  green.  So I tend to cook them green.  The last ones I steamed were dressed with shards of parmiggiano:

Asparagus with Parmiggiano

They were yummmmms!  I also drizzled the much prized truffle oil over them because that just adds that extra bit of oomph to this otherwise rather bland plant.  Some recipes call for grated black truffle but I can only about just afford the oil.  So that’ll have to do for now, until the Italian can negotiate down the price of tartufo.

All good and health eating has to be followed by a reward.  In our case, this was what we had for dessert, followed by fruit, of course:

Loveliness dressed as A Meringue

Kawan kawan, this is the best thing that has made it to Paris since sweetgraces. It’s a meringue wrapped in cream so light and fluffy that it simply melts away in your mouth.  It looks terribly sinful but really it is such a light cake that if you were RN, who is 4 and half with an over developed sweet tooth, you can have one and a half.  She gobbled up the chocolate version you see above and then shared a white chocolate one with SS.

White Chocolate meringue

Luckily for RN, she has such a sharing and loving big sister.  And the name of this pâtissiere is Fred.  You want to be looking out for Aux Merveilleux de Fred, 122 bis rue Saint-Charless 75015 Paris.  David Libowitz thought it was so good that he even blogged about it – mind you, I discovered this with CB way before his blog post – and he mentioned eating this along with a string of expletives!  They are that good, kawan kawan.  Fortunately for the inhabitants of the 16th arrondissement, Fred has opened one in Passy.  Look at the box that these meringues came in:

Fancy Cakebox


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