Pots and Pots of Chocolate

This post entry ought to be entitled Poulet Au Bresse – Part Deux.  But that would be trés unimaginative, kawan kawan.  So I’ve entitled this post thus, with the the title you see in the subject box.  The deal with the 3 Cooking Mamas is that we all choose a main course and dessert.  I managed to make both for the first cookout but this one was proving just a tad too much work.  I just didn’t want to spread myself too thin, so I chickened out (excuse me for the pun) and asked the other Mamas if I could just make the dessert another day.

Well, as many of you know, I don’t bake or make desserts.  Why? You ask wide eyed.  Well, other people make them better than me would be my answer.  It’s just a waste of time, would be my excuse.  But the real reason is this:  I am afraid, kawan kawan.  Truly afraid to bake.

The story goes like this:  Once, a very long time ago in Home Economics 101, in the sunny city of Singapore where teenage girls who were educated in convents were made to attend,  I had my first baking disaster.  In those days, ovens were things you had to light with a match by sticking your head into its cavity.  C’est dangereuse, you exclaim.  Mai oui, I accord.  But  I didn’t have a choice.  So like the obedient girl that I was beaten brought up to be, I promptly stuck my head into the gas oven, lighted match in hand…and got badly singed.  That is, my shoulder length bob got slightly burned, much to my mother’s chagrin.  The smell of burnt hair is horrendous, my kawan, for those of you who have had the good luck of missing out on this experience.  But did that ring alarm bells for the teacher, you ask.  Well, no, is the answer.  This is Singapore in the early ’80s, when teachers were lords and parents had no say.  So I was made to do it again and after 5 attempts, with Mrs L getting more and more flustered along the way, I finally lit my first oven.  Then the class proceeded to bake a Pineapple Upside Cake.  I failed badly kawan kawan, so badly that capital ‘F’ looked far too good for this assessment.  Hence, thus begun my baking issues.  I have never baked again.  So desserts are outside my cooking comfort zone.

Well, this dessert doesn’t require baking of any sort, thank goodness.  So it wasn’t that terrifying.  But but but, I lacked equipment, kawan kawan.  What to do? What to do?  Luckily for me, I have a kawan who understands my baking dilemma.  She lent me this:

The Professional Mixer

Boy, did I feel like a proper pastry chef!  Yes, I know, I hear the bakers amongst you tutting.  But, I’ve never worked a mixer before so this is very novel for me. It’s so easy, why does anyone have to whip by hand anymore?  Look, this is my mixture of sugar and butter:

Sugary Butter

Not bad, huh?  Or in Hokkien – boy pai!  Well, if I can say so myself.  But self praise is never considered praise, so I’ll just leave you to tell me what you think, kawan kawan.

I made a Bagna Maria to melt the chocolate and this is what it looked like:

Melted Chocolate Goodness

This dessert making thing is getting better and better as I go along following the recipe step by step.  I am singing to myself, I am humming the tune to ‘Hawaii Five-O’.  Who knows why, but that was the song that popped into my head the minute I switched the mixer on and it started whirring its magic.  I think it was the sound that it emitted forcing this tune into my head.  Or was it the dizziness that happiness and self satisfaction bring causing one to remember naff tunes from the past?

Well, who cares!  I made a dessert successfully and most importantly, I followed the recipe precisely.  This following a recipe thing is still new to me as I’ve aghak aghaked my way through most of my savoury dishes this far.  But baking is a science and numbers have to be respected.

Here, take a peek, this was what I made:

I like mine with a cherry on top

Kawan kawan, I’ve had to remove the recipe from this post because I was told that it would be infringing on copyrights to use someone’s recipe and then copy and paste it verbatim in one’s blog unless one has adapted the recipe and tweaked it to make it one’s own.   So sorry, my friends!  For your information, you can get the recipe from Jennifer Joyce’s “Meals in Heels”.  Don’t you just love the title of this cookbook?

Well, I didn’t manage to make mine with heels on but it’s good to know that I can another day.  Hmmm, although I wonder if that is infringing on copyrights too? Maybe I can wear flats instead? Or sandals?….or golden slippers?…..

FYI, dessert recipe taken from book entitled “Meals in Heels” by Jennifer Joyce.


2 responses to “Pots and Pots of Chocolate

  1. Great job, Evs! Looks delish! So if you don’t really make desserts.. that does not necessarily mean you don’t eat them, right? 🙂 So excited to try YOUR next menu choice! 🙂 Onward bound!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Eva Wong Nava

    Oh, I eat desserts, alright! I have a real sweet tooth and if I made desserts, I’d be the size of a house!!!! 🙂 Yes very excited about the next menu too. Forward, March!!!! 🙂

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