The day I decided to have Japanese for lunch and was duly turned down by Comme Des Poissons, I walked dazed by the rejection onto Rue Nicolo in the 16th.  There I discovered Akasaka.  Yippee!  I let out a silent ‘Yes!’ with a jab of my fist in the air.  Then I recomposed myself and entered this little Japanese.

The sushi chef, very Japanese was slicing away behind his fish counter. The waitress, another Japanese greeted me politely and warmly in French.  Yes! I thought to myself, what could be more authentic than this? – a real Japanese sushi chef and a real Japanese waitress serving in a Japanese restaurant with a real Japanese name.  I grimaced at the thought that I’d even wanted to eat sushi at a Japanese restaurant with a French name.  You see, kawan kawan, I was hurt, rejected and famished.

I decided on the formule, their set lunch.  I had a choice of pre-starters, starters, main course and dessert – all for the price of 48€.  I was beginning to get very excited.  As soon as I placed my orders, the sweet waitress brought me an amusebouche to titillate my taste buds. Don’t you just love that French word for pre-starters?  I love the metaphor: to amuse one’s mouth.  I nursed my rejection with this palatable dish and immediately felt better:

Go on, Amuse yourself!

I sunk into my seat, sighed with relief to know that the following dishes would hold promise.

I ordered the wakami salad to start with:

La Salade Wakami

to be followed by an assortiment of sashimi:

My Platter of Sashimi

Just look at the slices of fish sitting between the salmon and tuna.  That, kawan kawan is the fatty tuna – the best part of the thon – so fatty that it literally disintegrates in your mouth.  Very bagus!!

For the main course, I ordered the sushi:

Sushi Main Course

Look at the beauty of this platter.  My personal favourite has to be the sushi on the far right garnished with ginger and spring onions/scallions.  Ginger and spring onions go so well together and can be mixed in sun flower or peanut oil with a pinch of salt (or a couple of pinches according to taste) as a dressing or dipping sauce for steamed chicken.

The portions were so generous that I struggled to finish my sushi.  I had to keep a little space for dessert afterall.  This was what I had:

Announcing Mr and Mrs Green Tea/Red Beans

I haven’t had ice cream served with red bean paste like that before.  It was truly, unexpectedly delish!  I would recommend this with green tea ice cream only. Green tea and red beans marry well together.

Kawan kawan, if you ever get turned away by Commes Des Poissions, you’ll know where to go for another truly sedap and authentic Japanese in the 16th.

Akasaka 9 Rue Nicolo 75016, Tél: 01 42 88 77 86


3 responses to “Akasaka

  1. Hmmm. Quite pricey for a plat du jour, Kawan…. but indeed, the servings look so generous! 🙂 Must try together one time. 🙂 Good job! 🙂

  2. yes, the Italian thought so too. But I was desperate for good Japanese that day! 🙂 and it was well worth the price. The portions were indeed very generous. 🙂

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