Three Cooking Mamas

We are the Three Cooking Mamas.  Who are we?  you may ask.  Well, Cooking Mama number 1 – that’s me.  You’ll find my Bio in the About page.  Cooking Mama number 2 is CB, my dear friend, neighbour and buddy.  She lives 2 floors below me in an appartement roughly about the size of mine equipped with a mini office where she blogs away and a guest room where she has a walk-in wardrobe. CB is married to a charming Belgian hotelier who is known for his industriousness and passion for the F1.  Between the two of them, they have a daughter and a son, 10 years apart, so when CB thought that she was free again, MB came along to occupy her time once more with the rigmaroll of changing nappies and supervising homework.  But now he is almost 7, so CB has once again some time on her hands to indulge in her passion – Food.

CB is a food connoisseur and when I said that I’d like to write a blog about food, she suggested that we do it simultaneously, each choosing a recipe, cooking it, then blogging about the dish in our individual blogs.  She’s already had the experience of doing the Julia, her blog where she shares her culinary journey with 3 other friends.

Cooking Mama number 3 is Cherie, a Filipina like CB who lives in London.  She is married to a Greek god and they have an almost grown up daughter getting ready for Uni.  This will free up more time for Cherie who likes to eat, cook and generally be merry.  So in between traveling to her holiday home in Patmos, Greece, Cherie will be cooking  and blogging.  You can read her blog here.

The interesting component of this trio is that I haven’t yet met Cherie.  But we get along really well on email.  CB and Cherie have been friends for over 20 years and I’ve only recently met CB through the AWAP, an association that we both sit on the board of.  But the formation and endurance of certain friendships are not always based on the length of time since the initial meeting.  Sometimes, friendships are cemented on the basis of gelability, and CB and I gel.

The Three Cooking Mamas will be cooking up a storm in their kitchens, taking turns to choose recipes.  We will subject our husbands and children to our selected dishes twice monthly, one at the beginning and the other in the middle of each month.

Watch out for our musings and come along to partake in our culinary quests and journeys.


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